Harald Pehl

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Moved Blog to GitHub Pages

For over three years I was hosting my blog at Blogger.com. Although publishing was quite easy I never was really happy with the layout and the support for customization.

I was looking for a new provider to host my blog. In particular I wanted to

  • write my posts using markdown
  • be able to have regular pages (like projects, about me, …)
  • have full control over the look and feel of my blog
  • have support for responsive design
  • host the blog with my own top level domain

After some research I stumbled across GitHub Pages in combination with Jekyll and Octopress. The setup is really easy and there are plenty of resources and documentation around Jekyll and Octopress.

As my blog contains a manageable number of posts, I decided to manually migrate them to markdown. But there is also support for automatic migration. I didn’t migrate the comments of my blog and started from scratch using Disqus.

I invested quite some time on the look and feel for my new blog. To a great extent I was inspired by the darkstripes theme and the blog of Alessandro Melandri. My navigation was influenced by the website of Thibault Jorge.

The result of the migration is what you’re looking at. I hope you like it!