Harald Pehl

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Updated Management Console in WildFly 9

The upcoming WildFly 9 release will include an improved HAL management console based on the 2.6.x branch branch.

The improvements at a glance:

  • New subsystem configuration: Remoting
  • Support for datasource templates.
  • Provide all flush-* operations for connection pools
  • Improved log viewer
  • Enhanced model browser
  • Get more details about applied patches
  • Standalone console

Remoting subsystem

The remoting subsystem was added to the console. You can now configure remote (http) connectors and outbound connections.

Datasource Templates

The management console provides for the datasource most commonly used templates with reasonable default settings. These presets include JNDI names, driver settings, datasource properties and highly specific options like validation checkers and exception sorters.

Improved Log Viewer

WildFly 8.2 featured a log viewer which allowed you to browse through or tail server logs. Now you can view the log file as a whole in the console and search for specific text. Optionally you can download the full log file and open it in an external editor of your choice.

Standalone Console

Starting with WildFly 9 and HAL 2.6.5.Final the management console can be launched independently from WildFly. Take a look at my last post for more details.